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Zao is an employee referral management platform, revolutionizing social recruiting by enabling companies to offer referral rewards to their trusted professional and personal networks for referral hires, in addition to their employees. Find out more at

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Learn how to gamify your referral program

This eBook will teach you how to increase employee engagement through the use of gamification and covers: 

        The basics                                                                             What is gamification and why is it vital to the success of           employee referral programs.

        How to gamify your referral program                                      15 tips to help you get started with gamification and                   create a buzz around your referral program. 

        Increasing long term employee engagement                         How to avoid the often feared drop in participation, and               keep your employees engaged in the long run.

Gamification for Employee Referral Programs

This eBook includes tips and best practices for gamifying your referral program

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